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Goa. Paradise on earth. But every paradise has a few snakes. Multiple lives collide brutally one day at Goa Airport.. and change forever.

Dum Maaro Dum is Hindu crime movie about vice that debuted in 2011 and was directed by Rohan Sippy. Its an edgy thriller with with an emotional quotient as well. The film stars such Bollywood heavyweights as Abhishek Bachchan, Rana Daggubati, Bipasha Basu, Prateik Babbar and Aditya Pancholi. Dum Maaro Dum was filmed in Goa, a beach town in India. Deepika Padukone guest stars in the remix song of the movie’s namesake “Dum Maro Dum”.

The lives of multiple individuals become entangled in a world of danger. Joki, a student, is unable to get school grants to go to college with his girlfriend. He is forced to work for Biscuit, the crime lord. When Joki gets in trouble with the law, it is up to his best friend Lorry to help him out. All the while, ACP Kamath is on the trail to take down Biscuit’s corrupt empire and any one else that stands in his way.

Movie Cast

Abhishek Bachchan as ACP Vishnu Kamath
Rana Daggubati as Joki
Fernandes Aditya Pancholi as Biscuit
Bipasha Basu as Zoey Mendonca
Govind Namdeo as Rane
Prateik Babbar as Lorry
Vidya Balan as Mrs. Kamath



Goa. Heaven on Earth. In any case, each Paradise has a couple of snakes.

Numerous lives impact severely one day at Goa Airport… also, change until the end of time.

Lorry (Prateik Babbar) An understudy very nearly following his better half to a US University. Be that as it may, when his grant gets dismissed, his life takes steps to winding crazy, until he meets a smooth talking trickster who vows to get it in the groove again. At a little cost. His spirit.

ACP Vishnu Kamath (Abhishek Bachchan) A pointless cop escaping his very own past, Kamath is given the activity of crushing the ruthless nearby and worldwide medication mafia in Goa. As he starts his heartless, steady battle and takes on the dim medication world… he finds nothing is the thing that it appears.

DJ Joki (Rana Daggubati) A neighborhood artist and quiet onlooker to what’s going on around him, Joki floats erratically through life after an experience with the medication mafia cost him all that he held dear. Today he finds history has a frightful propensity for rehashing itself. Will he at long last have the guts to stand firm?

Zoe (Bipasha Basu) A yearning airhostess who saw her fantasies go to tidy, Zoey in a way speaks to Goa itself. An offspring of the hippy age, a blend of nearby and outside culture, blamelessness and excellence have bit by bit been supplanted by pessimism and misuse.

Lorsa Biscuta otherwise known as the Biscuit ( Aditya Pancholi) A savage neighborhood specialist, the Biscuit has his finger in each Goan pie, lawful or illicit. The go-to person between all the different Mafias working in Goa, the Biscuit ends up stretched to as far as possible with Kamath’s appearance. In any case, he realizes who to go to:

A puzzling shadow a definitive medication boss. Numerous names, numerous characters however nobody knows what his identity is.

We rush into the bylanes, sea shore shacks and raves of Goa with Lorry as his life spirals crazy, with Joki as he attempts to recover the past and with Kamath as he goes down to business after the puzzling shadow figure behind everything… Punctuated with a soundtrack that moves from throbbing move tracks to frequenting Konkani melodies, shot right amidst the abounding universal vacationer hotspots, Dum Maaro Dum takes you on a sensational, exciting excursion loaded up with turns, turns, tension… what’s more, a stunning finale!


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